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Girls of Grace Holiday Market Fundraising Event

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Welcome, and thank you for your interest in being a vendor at our 4th annual Girls of Grace Holiday Market.  This is a community fundraising event designed to showcase unique, quality merchandise from our vendors and provide a fabulous shopping experience for our guests!  We look forward to bringing the best possible merchandise to our Holiday Market and making this a successful event for all.  Proceeds raised in the sale of vendor spots, raffle baskets, Santa pictures, and entries fees goes back into the Cleburne community.  With the funds raised at this yearly event, Girls of Grace supports hurting families, CISD children with everything from school supplies to lunch money to clothing, and other local non-profits reach and obtain their goals to supporting the community in which we live. 

Please read the information below about how the Holiday Market is run and the application process:

This year’s Holiday Market will be Saturday, November 16th, 2019.  This is a one day show that runs from 9-4.  In addition to showcasing 70+ vendors, we offer our guests raffle baskets with a variety of goodies, as well as pictures with Santa.  This is a family fun event that kicks off the holiday season in Cleburne.


When applying and paying for a spot at our show, vendors are guaranteed a 10x10 booth space inside the Cleburne Conference Center, as well as, one 6X3 ft. table, two chairs, free wifi, free electricity and access to electrical outlets (as noted on the application), donuts and coffee breakfast, and pizza and soda at lunch. Our vendor booth fee for an indoor vendor spot this year is a flat $95. Please note: in the past, we’ve had a lower vendor fee with a refundable deposit.  Because the City of Cleburne has altered the rental charges to use the Conference Center, we have altered our booth fees.  We now have a flat booth fee rate and are not collecting a deposit.  Which means at the close of the show, there will be no deposit fees reimbursed.

We love when our vendors like to set up larger spaces to expand what they can offer to our guests, so if you find that you need more than a 10x10 booth space, you can purchase extra booth spaces for a flat $50 per space.  Also available to our vendors are kitchen spaces, and outdoor spaces.  This year’s show will have two kitchen spaces available and the rental fee for those is $120. These are fully furnished kitchen spaces that are perfect for cooking on site or selling already made goods. Please note: food can only be sold if it was prepared in a pre-approved kitchen with a health permit, and you must purchase a temporary health food permit from the Cleburne Health Department (114 W. Wardville, 
P.O. Box 677 
Cleburne, TX  76033

 Ph.: 817-645-0958
 Fx: 817-645-0967).  The cost of this permit is $35. You can give away samples to secure future business or sale food items for profit.  

Our outdoor booth spaces are perfect for food trucks, children’s activities, bounce houses, and plant sales. They will not have tables or chair provided, so if you purchase an outdoor booth space, please make arrangements.  Our outdoor spaces fee is $90. 

Applications must be accompanied by a minimum of 3 photos (these will not be returned if sent in via mail, but we welcome electronic submissions) of your merchandise or booth at an event you have previously attended.  Applications to be a vendor at our 2019 must be submitted by November 1st.  As noted on the application, you can pay your vendor fee by PayPal invoice or check.  Needed additional tables can be noted on the application and are $5 per table.  You are free to bring as many of your own tables as you need though at no extra cost. For a full refund of your booth fee, any spot cancellations must be received by October 31st.  Cancellations made on or after November 1st, will be subject to a half refund.  Please understand, finding vendors to fill spots that open up within two weeks of the show is very difficult.  If we lose a spot within that period and are not able to fill it with another vendor, that hurts our overall profit and what we are able to do for our community once the fundraiser has ended.  

We ask that all booth fees be paid in full within 7 days of receiving your receipt as a tentative vendor.  Paying the fee holds your spot at our show and helps us better fill our spaces. Payments not paid within this time period will be released and opened up to another vendor, as we almost always have a waitlist of vendors for our show.


As in the past, this year’s Holiday Market is a juried show, which means we will limit vendors in each category of goods to ensure a variety of merchandise for our guests. This also benefits our vendors because it allows maximum sale potential.

We do not allow any booth sharing, so only one business per booth. Each vendor is allowed two workers per booth.  All others will need to pay the admission charge.  We encourage you to arrange childcare during this event, but if you must bring your children, they must stay with you in your booth area at all times, so as not to disturb other vendors and our shoppers.   You may decorate however you like as long as it fits in the allotted area, and follows the Cleburne Conference Centers Rules and Regulations.  These rules can be found at  We encourage creative and decorative displays and set ups. 

We will have the Conference Center open at 7am for set up on the morning of the Holiday Market.  We will also open up the night before, Friday, November 15tth, from 4:00-9:00 pm so that you may begin your set up then.  The Conference Center will be locked and secure overnight.

 Please indicate on your application if you will need electricity; this will be provided at no additional charge on a first come, first serve basis, as not all booths will have access to an outlet. Girls of Grace will not have extension cords on hand for the event, so if you need electricity, it is your responsibility to bring cords.  You may bring additional tables, canopies, back drops, hanging racks, and other décor as needed, but they must fit into your space.  

In the past, we have tried to accommodate vendor requests to have their booth in a certain location in the building or to be near certain requested vendors; we will not be able to accommodate such requests for this event. This includes requests to be along a wall or close to an exit.  Booth locations will be determined by the need for electricity and on a first come, first served basis.  

We are excited to have you as a vendor at our show this year.  We always have an exceptional turnout and most of our vendors are returning participants because they enjoy our show so much.  We look forward to meeting you and kicking off the 2019 holiday season with you!

Ready to be a vendor?

If you have read the information about our show and feel that this is a good fit for your and your business, we welcome your application!  We love our vendors and what you bring to our show and community.  Sign up today!

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